Great News!!  North Georgia Breastfeeding Center opens Georgia’s first milk depot site in Cumming, Ga.

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Breastfeeding Center

North Georgia Breastfeeding Center has a unique opportunity to be a part of something amazing in the world of breastfeeding/lactation. NGBC has partnered with Mothers’ Milk Bank of North Texas to provide a milk depot where donors can drop off their milk donations.

Mothers' Milk BankMilk donation is one of the most precious gifts one can give to medically needy babies. In most cases, these babies are extremely fragile and depend on the availability of human milk.

If you would like, or you know someone who would like to donate breast milk to babies in need, or want additional information on the process of donation, please give us a call at 678-965-0103.

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Lactation Room and Milk Depot

Stay tuned for our celebration event!