Choosing a comfortable position when breastfeeding

There are many different positions moms use with breastfeeding, and most have a specific reason as to why they choose the position they do. As the mom gets more comfortable with breastfeeding she will usually develop a position that works for outings “public nursing”, nighttime nursing, daytime nursing, and busy on the go nursing “ baby wearing”.  There isn’t a right or wrong as long as you are comfortable and your baby has the most optimal latch for a good transfer. Some babies are less flexible in their personalities and may prefer, if not demand a particular position.  However, what they believe works for them might not be good for your breast and supply, and ultimately not good for them, they just don’t know it yet.  Without over thinking positioning, here are a few simple pointers they may help you get the right position and the most optimal latch for you and your baby.  Remember, establishing good positioning and latching in the early postpartum days, cannot only protect you from unnecessary trauma to your nipples, but will set the stage for a good supply.

  • Get to know your baby right away.
  • Breastfeeding and positioning develops over time. You don’t have to stick with the very first thing your learned after birth.
  • Choose a place that you are most comfortable in. (remember it doesn’t have to be text book)
  • Don’t overdo it with the pillows. (pillows are not always breastfeeding friendly)
  • Pillows support mommy not baby.
  • Baby always needs to be at the angle of moms dangle. (this helps to get baby anatomical correct for proper draining of the breast)
  • With any position make sure you and your baby are tummy to tummy.
  • Support and shape the breast if necessary before latching.
  • Always bring baby to you.